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State Major Project

What is the State Major Project:

The Iowa Elks Association‘s Major Project is a Fire Safety Initiative. The Elks Fire Safety initiative promotes fire safety across the State of Iowa. Many people know that the Fire Safety Trailers help children learn how to get out of a burning building and/or the ongoing partnership with the State Firefighters Association, but how many of us knew that the Fire Safety Initiative included teaching both children and adults how to recognize fire hazards in their homes, dial 9‐1‐1, install and check smoke detectors, and severe weather awareness? The Fire Safety house has two programs: One is how to call 911 during an emergency and the second one is what you should do during a tornado or severe weather.

The Fire Safety trailer is designed to be used by the local fire departments as a training tool for youth on the fire safety procedures and how to get out of their homes in a safe manner. The State Major Project has been doing so much in our communities on protecting and teaching children the importance of being safe during a fire and severe weather.

If you have not had an opportunity to go through one of these trailers, you may ask your local Lodge or Fire Department to have a trailer brought to your local area so that your community may get the opportunity to see why they are important to our youth to visit and go through the programs.

The Elks' Mission through fire safety instruction is to prevent death, personal injury or harm, and any personal property damage caused by fires. The main goal for the State Major Project is to teach today's youth about the importance of knowing fire safety and being safe in severe weather. The Elks have also joined in with the Iowa State Fire Marshall's office with their program called "The Smoke Detector Program". This project helps to get working smoke detectors in every home in the State of Iowa to save lives and gives everyone a chance to get of their home alive. Buying a $10 raffle ticket helps the State Major Project to service the trailers when needed and helps purchase new Fire Safety Trailers. 

Who Benefits:

If only one child’s life has been saved through the educational experiences associated with this program most of us would be willing to say that this project is PRICELESS and it is a program that I want to be a part of—something I would like to support. But here’s the kicker: our State Major Project has touched the lives of thousands of Iowans. Hundreds of Iowa families are safer today because of the Iowa Elks Association. This really is “Elkdom” in action.

State Major Project - Safety House Contacts

Fire Safety House Contact Info.pdf

2018 Fire Safety House sponsor only registration NOW OPEN!

Fire-Safety-House-Logo.jpgIf your agency would like to schedule the new Fire Safety House trailer for an event in 2018 please let us know by filling out the request form at the below registration link. This is a private link for sponsors only and will be available during our sponsor registration period of Nov 7th - Jan 2nd.

Sponsor’s only event registration (Nov 7th - Jan 2nd)
Click here for request form

More information and program details at

Thank you for supporting the Fire Safety House program. We hope to bring the program to your community in 2018!

Please note that the Fire Safety House season will run from April 1st - October 31st of 2018. Please submit your requests during the sponsor registration period to increase your chances of receiving the date you have in mind. Public registration will open January 3rd, 2018 and request will be taken on a “first come first serve” basis at that time.

How Can You Help:

In the short term, buy a Raffle Ticket. These $10 raffle tickets are THE fundraiser for the Fire Safety Initiative. This money is used to support the trailer program, and cover the costs of transporting the trailers to various communities who have asked for a demonstration. (By the way, the $10 raffle Ticket also gives you the opportunity to make some money as well.)

Another way you can help is to work with your lodge or fire department to schedule a demonstration. Not only does this help teach fire safety to the children and families of your community. It also will give your lodge another opportunity to generate some “buzz” about your lodge and your other activities that benefit your town. We have trailers strategically located throughout the state so getting one shouldn’t be a problem, just reach out to your district State Major Project committee member.

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