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State Major Project

What is the State Major Project:

The Iowa Elks Association‘s Major Project is a Fire Safety Initiative. Most of us know about the Fire Trailers to help kids learn how to get out of a burning building and the ongoing partnership with the state firefighters association, but how many of us knew that the Fire Safety Initiative included teaching both children and adults how to recognize fire hazards in their homes, dial 9‐1‐1, install and check smoke detectors, and severe weather awareness?

Who Benefits:

If only one child’s life has been saved through the educational experiences associated with this program most of us would be willing to say it’s something I want to be a part of—something I would like to support. But here’s the kicker: our State Major Project has touched the lives of thousands of Iowans. Hundreds of Iowa families are safer today because of the Iowa Elks Association. This really is “Elkdom” in action.

How Can You Help:

In the short term, buy a Raffle Ticket. These $10 raffle tickets are THE fundraiser for the Fire Safety Initiative. This money is used to support the trailer program, and cover the costs of transporting the trailers to various communities who have asked for a demonstration. (By the way, the $10 raffle Ticket also gives you the opportunity to make some money as well.)

Another way you can help is to work with your lodge or fire department to schedule a demonstration. Not only does this help teach fire safety to the children and families of your community. It also will give your lodge another opportunity to generate some “buzz” about your lodge and your other activities that benefit your town. We have trailers strategically located throughout the state so getting one shouldn’t be a problem, just reach out to your district State Major Project committee member.

State Major Project

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